Autel Announces Their EVO II Dual is "Made In The USA"!

AUTEL ENTERPRISE is here! Oh, and the EVO II Duals are Made In The USA!

A rapid-deployment, packable unmanned aircraft made in the USA with foreign and US components and labor.

UAS manufacturer Autel Robotics has not only announced that their EVO II Dual drone is Made In The USA with foreign and US components and labor, but they have also unveiled the Autel Enterprise label.

Under the Autel Enterprise label, Autel Robotics offers end-users the opportunity to use aircraft manufactured in the USA with foreign and domestic parts and labor, potentially opening the door for those public safety agencies and commercial operators who either rely on federal funding or operate near sensitive infrastructure.

But, what does the mouthful "Made in the USA with foreign and US components and labor" actually mean?

Autel Enterprise describes it as, " airframe from China, IR/thermal cameras from FLIR in the USA, and Sony imagers from Japan, the final product is assembled in Bothell, WA with American labor."

CEO Gary DeLuca went on to say, "We also source the majority of our bundle components from US manufacturers such as FoxFury, GPC, TacSwan, and others." As we all know, there is more going on in these EVO II Dual Rugged Bundles than that, so Mr. DeLuca went on to say, "Our software and other components are predominantly also from domestic and NATO suppliers. We're deeply focused on shifting the product program to a Made In USA direction. We brought in outside consultants to assist us in identifying resources and processes that bring us closer to our American roots."

So that's hardware...but what about the data?

In a document covering Frequently Asked Questions, Autel answers the question, "Will all of my data be safe with the EVO II Dual?" with, "Data is safe with Autel products. Our products do not rely on LTE, do not connect to servers, and maybe operated either without mobile devices, connectivity, or in Airplane modes once local maps are downloaded. Autel has no servers outside of Houston, TX, where users are able to determine if their logs will be stored or not, and at no time are photos, videos, EMEI, or other data transmitted to the Houston, TX servers. Autel does not have access to user data. In other words, user data remains within user control at all times. Contact our customer service department if further detail is required."

Cell phones are a great example of Chinese or at least foreign-made technology that we carry with us everywhere and that have cameras and microphones in them, but somehow, people don't seem to care as much about them. Why is that? Well, in our opinion, it is almost more about the company behind the technology with direct access to the data than it is where that circuit board, or camera, or video transmitter was made.

The Conclusion

No matter how you look at this or any of the recent announcements from manufacturers or the Department of Defense itself, one thing is becoming clear. The US drone market is finally responding. We now have several options available for those of you looking for high-resolution RGB imagery, zoom cameras for tactical operations or surveillance, high-resolution thermal, and even triple-sensor payload options that give you all of that and then some. It all boils down to what we've been saying all along. There is no one single drone that can do everything. Still, there is a drone for anything, and it honestly seems like for even those operating around sensitive infrastructure or those using federal funds to purchase sUAS, that remains true.

To learn more about Autel Enterprise, visit

To learn more about the Autel EVO II Dual Rugged Bundle, click here.

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