Designed to enter dangerous situations to keep people safe

Locate. Isolate. Communicate.

The BRINC LEMUR S is an American-made purpose-built tactical robot designed to aid special response teams in barricade, hostage, active shooter, and other high-risk situations.

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31-Minute Flight Time

Novel battery technology based on proven Lithium-ion chemistry allows for a best-in-class flight time.

Custom Remote Controller

A handheld ground control system combining precise control and a live video feed all-in-one.

LiDAR-Based Autonomy

Laser-guided localization technologies make the LEMUR S easier to fly.

Local Video Storage

Included onboard microSD card for recording high-quality video and audio logs for evidence.

Available FPV Headset

Top-of-the-line VR headset peripheral for superior pilot immersion and focus in non-sterile operating conditions.

Fully Enclosed Propellers

Carbon fiber reinforced propeller ducts enable the drone to bounce off walls and to push open doors.

On-Site Training is Included!

All BRINC Drones LEMUR S purchases include UVT Academy's 1-Day On-Site LEMUR Familiarization Training, free of charge because our duty to equip you with the best doesn't stop when the drone shows up.

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Capability Comes Standard

Unlike many other drone systems on the market, the BRINC LEMUR comes standard with the core capabilities one would expect from a tactical robot including its mission-ready tactical deployment case.

Ready-To-Deploy Tactical Kit

All LEMUR drones ship in a quick-deploy tactical kit providing operators with everything they need to answer the call on day one.

  • LEMUR S Drone x1

  • Day/Night Vision IR Camera x1

  • BRINC Controller w/Built-In Display x1

  • LEMUR S Drone Battery x2

  • Multi-Charger w/Cable Set x1

  • Battery Charge State Monitor x1

  • 64 GB microSD Card x4

  • Pelican Air Case w/Custom Foam x1

  • Toolkit x1

  • Spare Parts Kit x1

Custom-Built Handheld Controller

The BRINC LEMUR S drone comes with BRINC's proprietary handheld controller that has been meticulously crafted in-house based on feedback from current LEMUR operators.

  • CNC machined aluminum hall effect sensor gimbals

  • 7-inch built-in LCD screen

  • Rugged carbon fiber frame

  • Thoughtful ergonomics

  • Powerful, high-penetration RC transceiver

Unique Two-Way Communication

The LEMUR S can enter structures and effectively locate people inside homes, skyscrapers, and vehicles. It facilitates two-way communication between first responders and people who need help through a set of two ultra-sensitive electret condenser microphones and a small, lightweight 106 dB loudspeaker.

Extended Signal Ranges

The LEMUR S's powerful control and video signal strength allow the pilot in command to operate from blocks away. Utilizing an advanced wireless video transmission system, the LEMUR S's dense-material penetration capabilities ensure the pilot is operating from a safe location and the UAV never loses control or video signal.

Powerful Accessory Options

Expand the LEMUR S's capabilities even more with powerful accessory options.

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Video Receiver/Repeater Box

The available video receiver/repeater box is sold separately and comes in a small form factor, magnetized Pelican case that can be easily attached to anything metal or mounted to a tripod.

  • Powered by a LEMUR flight battery

  • Built-in magnetic mount for vehicle/object mounting

  • Increases drone video range and penetration

  • Built-in tripod mount

  • Transmits video via rugged BNC connection to external displays

Accessory Kit

The available LEMUR Accessory Kit is sold separately and comes in a small form factor Pelican case and includes all of the available payload attachments from BRINC. All payloads attach to the LEMUR using a Picatinny rail mounted underneath the airframe providing easy, tool-less installation and removal.

  • Motorized, tungsten carbide glass breaker

  • High-powered light

  • General purpose dropper

  • Terrestrial drone landing strip w/3M VHB tape backing

Tactical FPV Headset

Top-of-the-line VR headset peripheral for superior pilot immersion and focus in non-sterile operating environments.

  • Tight seal to prevent light leakage

  • Built-in control buttons

  • Advanced antenna array

  • Multiple video streams for simultaneous broadcast

BRINC-Certified Trainers

At UVT, we spare no expense when it comes to providing our customers with total solutions.
We have partnered with BRINC to offer Certified LEMUR Training enabling you to effectively deploy your LEMUR on day one.

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Self-Righting Technology

Crashes don't end missions with the LEMUR S. If the LEMUR S ends up on its back, it can flip itself over and relaunch to finish the mission.

More Forgiving Batteries

Most drones these days use highly volatile, very sensitive Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries. LiPos can be difficult and time-consuming to maintain, being unable to sit for long periods of time. BRINC designed the LEMUR S's batteries using a novel Lithium-ion chemistry, yielding incredible flight times and an inherent ability to handle sitting in a state of readiness for longer periods of time.

  • Novel Lithium-ion chemistry

  • Longer storage times

  • Less volatile

  • Better performance in extreme temperatures

  • Up to 31 minutes of flight time and 10+ hours of perch time

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