The LEMUR is a new kind of robot designed to aid tactical teams in barricade, hostage and active shooter situations.

Locate. Isolate. Communicate.

A purpose-built professional tool designed to perform even indoors and in confined, GPS-denied areas.

31-Minute Flight Time

The LEMUR's novel battery technology is based on Lithium-ion chemistry and allows for a best-in-class flight time.

10-Hour Perch Time

With nearly a half-day perch time, the drone can be operational while idle with fully-functional audio and video feeds.

Durable Construction

A robust CNC-machined prepreg carbon fiber frame and 3D printed carbon fiber nylon body make the LEMUR just as durable as it is agile.

Highly Modular

Built to serve the needs of any tactical team, the LEMUR is fully customizable and easily serviced or repaired.

Fast & Responsive

The LEMUR boasts a top speed of 50 mph and is ready at a moment's notice thanks to its powerful, responsive propulsion system.


The LEMUR is capable of operating in temperatures ranging from -20 °F to 120 °F, making it the ideal tactical response robot.

Rapid Deployment. Anywhere.

The compact, rapidly deployable LEMUR can breach structures, effectively locate suspects anywhere and facilitate two-way communication between crisis negotiators and suspects.

Extended Signal Range

The LEMUR has dense-material penetration allowing an extended signal range through two full houses using a wireless video transmission system with a line of sight transmission range in excess of 8 miles (13 km).

  • Enhanced penetration capabilities

  • Video transmission system transmits through up to two full houses

  • Line of sight transmission range up to 8 miles

  • Encrypted, near-zero latency communication link

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Available Glass Breaker

Spinning at up to 30,000 RPM, the available glass breaker is capable of breaking tempered, automotive, and most residential glass. The easy-on, easy-off design of BRINC Drones' glass breaker is the same as almost all of the available attachments, increasing mission readiness and allowing for quicker, safer entry into structures.

  • 30,000 RPM

  • Breaks tempered, automotive, and most residential glass

  • Attaches using three thumbscrews for easy-on, easy-off installation

  • Can be activated and deactivated directly from the remote controller

Laser-Guided Pilot Assistance

Thanks to the power of LiDAR, even without onboard GPS, the LEMUR drone assists the pilot to promote stable indoor navigation, even in complete darkness.

Self-Righting Technology

You're going to crash. The LEMUR was designed to, not only physically, but technologically as well. Onboard intelligence enables its robust self-righting system that drives two motors in reverse to flip the drone over after crashes.

Whether you just got done breaking the window to the residence, or you went a little too hard into that door as you opened it, the LEMUR will flip itself back over so you can continue on with your mission.

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More Forgiving Batteries

Most drones these days use highly volatile, very sensitive Lithium-ion Polymer (LiPo) batteries which are great...when they aren't puffed up after sitting in the case too long. BRINC Drones designed the LEMUR to work specifically with the more forgiving Lithium-ion battery, allowing you to leave your batteries charged and mission-ready for much longer periods of time.

  • Lithium-ion technology

  • Can store longer at full charge

  • Less volatile

  • Better performance in extreme temperatures

  • Up to 31 minutes of flight time and 10+ hours of perch time

Two-Way Communication

The LEMUR comes equipped with a powerful two-way communication system, enabling crisis negotiators to talk through the drone and negotiate with suspects (enabled by 4G/LTE cellular).

  • Send and receive audio

  • 10+ hour perch time

  • Small size allows for easy perching on furniture

  • Leverages 4G/LTE cellular

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