DJI Matrice 210


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The DJI Matrice 210 (M210) is the flagship model of the Matrice 200 Series and is built on the same, rugged foundation as the other models in the series. A closed, weather-sealed shell that protects the aircraft's powerful processors which churn data from twenty different sensors, with redundant hardware including two inertial measurement units (IMUs), three barometers and multiple thermometers that monitor the aircraft's temperature, as well as both flight batteries.

The M210 expands on the already capable M200 by adding the ability to carry a single downward, dual downward or single upward payload right out of the box with the necessary mounting hardware included with the aircraft. In addition to the expanded payload configurations, the M210 has a built-in expansion port and a XT30 power tap allowing the easy integration with third party sensors, all contained in a weather-sealed compartment on the rear of the aircraft's shell.

Boasting the largest array of compatible payloads in the industry, the M210 is capable of carrying everything from high resolution RGB/optical cameras to the revolutionary XT line of thermal cameras, powered by FLIR. DJI's commitment to their suite of SDK modules will be bringing even more payloads to market very soon. Currently, the compatible payloads are:
The M210 is IP43-rated which means it can handle operations in light rain, dusty conditions, in winds as high as 27mph (12m/s) and even in sub-zero environments thanks to the new self-heating technology built into the M210's two available intelligent flight batteries - the TB50-M200 and TB55. When equipped with the TB55 battery, the M210 can fly for up to 35 minutes, keeping you on scene longer than ever before!

Not only can you fly longer and with more payloads than ever before, you can also fly with even more peace of mind thanks to DJI's newly refined redundant, dual battery system. Requiring two batteries per flight provides redundancy in the case of a failure in addition to doubling the available battery capacity.

On top of the additional features built into the aircraft itself, the M210 also includes with it the Cendence Remote Controller, CrystalSky 7.85" High Brightness and one set of TB55 batteries.

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