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  • Lume Cube Lighting Kit for DJI Mavic Pro

    The Lume Cube Lighting Kit for the DJI Mavic Pro features two black Lume Cube LED lights, is daylight-balanced at 6000K color temperature and offers up to 1500 lumens of...
  • Lume Cube Lighting Kit for DJI Inspire Series

    Take your passion, profession and overall production quality to the next level by capturing never before seen footage. Whether you use your drone for videography, real estate, structural inspection, search,...
  • Lume Cube (Black) - Two Pack

    The black Lume Cube, packaged here in a convenient two-pack, provides for more flexibility than using just a single light fixture. Each fixture features a 6000K color temperature with a dimmable...
  • Lume Cube (Black)

    The black Lume Cube 1500 Lumen Light features a 6000K color temperature, and the unit's output is dimmable from 0 to 1500 Lumens. The light is suitable for use as...
  • Lume Cube Lighting Kit for DJI Phantom 4

    The Lume Cube Lighting Kit is a bundle that combines two Gunmetal Gray Lume Cubes with a pair of white mounts made specifically for the DJI Phantom 4, Phantom 4...