Acecore Technologies Zoe

Where refinement meets power and security.


With a custom engineered folding design and quick-attach propellers, the Zoe is just as portable as it is powerful.


Powered by four German-made, Acecore motors, the Zoe is capable of lifting up to 14lbs.


Rain or shine, Zoe is truly the portable solution for every mission and any environment.

Meet Zoe

The Zoe is Acecore Technologies' latest addition to their fleet of Dutch-designed industrial unnmanned aircraft. As with everything Acecore manufactures, the Zoe is almost entirely custom engineered. From the high quality carbon fiber frame to the aerodynamic tear drop arm design , Zoe meets the demands for which it was built with unbeatable power, efficiency and data security.

Redundant. Reliable. Secure.

Designed from the ground up, Zoe is the definition of an industrial aircraft.


With an available triple redundant flight controller, reliability is guaranteed.


Every Zoe is custom built to the specifications of each individual customer.


With Zoe, your data never leaves the aircraft keeping you and your data secure.

Power Through Rain or Shine

With the largest payload capacity of any other industrial quadcopter, the Zoe is capable of lifting payloads of up to 14 pounds. Combining that with a slim, aerodynamic, weather-resistant design, Zoe is able to fly longer and carry more than ever before.


With the ability to customize everything from the flight controller to the paint job, there's a Zoe for every mission. Contact us to speak with one our industrial drone experts to start building your Zoe today.

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