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SkyRanger R60

Military-grade reliability and security.


A ruggedized, IP-53 rated, carbon fiber and reinforced polycarbonate folding airframe makes the R60 both robust and quick to deploy.


An intelligent flight control and propulsion system delivers reliable performance even in demanding conditions such as high winds, extreme temperatures and inclement weather.


SkyRangers are deployed with over 20 militaries and in use with public safety agencies and industrial operators in over 30 countries.

Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance

The SkyRanger R60 sets the standard for real-time, secure, aerial intelligence across a wide range of mission-critical applications from clandestine tactical missions, to search and rescue operations, commercial inspections of sensitive infrastructure and more.

Purpose-Built UAS for Public Safety, Military & Defense and More

The most robust hardware combined with state-of-the-art software.


The SkyRanger R60 provides the most secure and reliable aerial intelligence in small Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).


When lives and property are on the line, the SkyRanger R60 is built for sustainable operations in any environment.


Critical infrastructure provides the backbone on which we all live and the SkyRanger R60 protects it with military-grade security.

Advanced Imaging Payloads

With available payloads for long-range, high-resolution zoom through the HDZoom 30 and high-fidelity daylight and thermal imagery through the dual sensor, EO/IR Mk-II.


UVT is proud to be chosen as the exclusive dealer for the SkyRanger in the United States. Contact us today to schedule your on-site demonstration and personalized quote for your program.

Commercial Leases Available

The commercial and industrial drone industry is expanding rapidly, and to assist agencies in getting the right equipment when they need it, UVT's commercial leasing program was built to grow your department quickly and efficiently. Lease your aircraft today on terms ranging from 3-36 months and don't worry about the large capital expenditure and lengthy procurement process that requires, but rather get the equipment you need right now with easy-to-manage fleet payments that happen automatically while you're focusing on what really matters.

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