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Who Is UVT?

UVT® is owned and operated by former public servants and First Responders who are driven to make a difference. We are committed to helping agencies effectively incorporate unmanned systems into their operations to further their ability to protect property and save lives. Our experience enables us to understand the unique tasks that these systems will face along with the elevated level of support that will be required to make them successful during even the most critical mission.

TIER I DJI ENTERPRISE DEALER AND AUTHORIZED RESELLER. Tier I means we purchase directly from the world's largest manufacturer of drones, but what does that mean for you? It means you get the perfect solution at the perfect price, every time. We work with you and your agency to piece together the products you need for each portion of your UAS program. Mavic Pros for training, Inspire 2s for high-resolution accident reconstruction and Matrice 200/210s for the ultimate in aerial zoom optics and thermal imaging. Because we buy directly from the manufacturer, we have more room to fit the system you need into the budget you have.

COMPETITION AND ALTERNATIVES ARE NECESSARY. It may not be the most popular opinion among those in our line of work, but UVT thrives on competition. Competition among value-added resellers and industry partners, but more importantly, competition among manufacturers and developers. It's the latter which drove us to form relationships with other key players in the industry such as Intel for their Falcon 8+ platform, Aerialtronics for their Altura Zenith + PENSAR solution, to FLIR, Go Professional Cases (GPC), DroneSense and Airdata who all develop and manufacture their own products and services that complement any and every component on the market today.

"I could not say enough good things about UVT and Chris. I work for the North Little Rock Police Department and we now use them for all of our purchases. Their deliveries are always prompt and complete and their after purchase support is superb! Chris almost always responds to my emails within a few minutes and has always been able to provide a solution. Excellence all the way around!"

Andrew M., Patrol Officer

WE'RE AN INDUSTRY PARTNER FIRST. Being an industry partner first means putting you and your organization's needs over everything else. As former employees of government agencies, we know better than most how tight your budget is and we will do everything in our power to get you the best bang for your buck, which in a lot of cases means selling down, not up.

LEASING...THE ULTIMATE ALTERNATIVE. Is purchasing a system out of the question due to budgetary constraints? Is a lengthy procurement process preventing you from standing up or growing your agency's UAS program? While most other resellers would have to turn you away, UVT provides a solution. Unmanned system leasing. As the only provider in the industry offering a complete and robust unmanned system leasing solution, UVT is able to turn that minimal budget into a complete, turn-key UAS program.

"I was tasked with standing up a UAS program for our agency and was introduced to Chris Fink at UVT. I was very impressed by the professional and knowledgeable service I received from UVT. Mr. Fink and his team were very responsive and informative throughout the process, and remain so to this day. When issues arose, he was there to assist, and has pulled me out of a bind when I needed him most. If you’re looking for a company that knows their product and is there for you, the customer, when you need them most, look no further. The folks at UVT are great, and most importantly, will be there when you need them most. I credit a great deal of our program’s success to UVT, and the partnership we’ve created has truly been beneficial."

David K., Lieutenant

CRITICAL INCIDENTS DON'T HAPPEN DURING NORMAL BUSINESS HOURS. After spending many years in emergency operations, we understand the dynamic nature of your business. From that 3 am call-out for a missing person to the monster storm that took out half of your transmission lines over the holiday, our support structure is designed to adapt with you, for you.

MOVE OVER CASH, THE PURCHASE ORDER IS KING NOW. Whether you're an energy cooperative, large corporation or a government agency, organizations aren't big on paying for something they haven't received yet. Some resellers don't have the capital or inventory to support it. UVT built our entire fulfillment process around the needs of organizations like yours. From initial quote to final delivery and invoice submission, we are positioned to move the moment you are ready.