DJI Inspire 1 - Intelligent Flight Battery TB47

DJISKU: 101-103-1091

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DJI's Intelligent Flight Batteries are the most advanced drone batteries available thank to their built-in battery management units. Automatic self-discharge, overcharge protection, temperature monitoring, and low voltage cutoffs ensure not only safe operation but also safe charging and storage.

Full integration with all of DJI's flight apps allows the real-time monitoring of each individual cell's voltage, the overall remaining capacity and corresponding remaining flight time as well as a charge cycle counter, giving you all of the information you need to monitor your battery's health and performance.

The TB47 provides a maximum of 16 minutes of flight time with the Zenmuse X3 and Zenmuse XT and 14 minutes of flight time with the Zenmuse X5 and Zenmuse X5R.

This is a 22.2V, 6-cell (6S) LiPo battery rated at 4,500mAh and 99.9Wh.

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