DJI Inspire 2 - CINESSD Station

DJISKU: 101-104-1005

Connection Type: USB 3.0
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In order to streamline your workflow when capturing images with your Inspire 2 and DJI's latest solid state drive, the DJI CINESSD, it does not get any more efficient than the DJI CINESSD Station. The DJI CINESSD was custom-engineered by DJI to be one of the first portable media readers with an NVMe connection, allowing for the transfer of data directly from NVMe solid-state media to a PC for immediate review and post processing.

The CINESSD Station boasts a maximum throughput of 5Gbps, not only by leveraging some of the latest USB and Thunderbolt technology, but by providing you with the ability to read your files directly from your CINESSD, removing the bottlenecks associated with direct copying from the drone, or other, less efficient methods.

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