DJI Mavic Air - Battery Charging Hub

DJISKU: 101-117-1034

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The DJI Mavic Air Battery Charging Hub is designed to get you flying again as quickly as possible. Charging four batteries sequentially in order from most charged to least charged, it can recharge all four flight batteries in approximately 3.5 hours without any human intervention. Gone are the days of having to swap single batteries off of their battery chargers.

DJI designs their battery charging hubs to charge the most charged battery first because doing so gets you a freshly charged battery as quick as possible in case you want to immediately take it off the hub and go out and fly while the hub manages the charging of the remaining batteries by itself. Though, it is recommended you always monitor LiPo batteries while they are charging.

With the thin, foldable design of the DJI Mavic Air Battery Charging Hub, it remains highly portable and easily squeezes in to even the smallest travel bags and cases for on-the-go charging.

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