DJI Zenmuse X7 - DL/DL-S Lenses

DJISKU: 101-107-1082

Lens: DL-S 16mm
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DJI offers four prime lenses for the DL Mount system, with focal lengths ranging from 16mm to 50mm and resolutions of up to 8K. Made of lightweight carbon fiber and designed by an industry-leading optics team, the four lenses have been embedded with advanced technologies crafted specifically for the X7's high-end, Super 35mm sensor.

Taking advantage of new FSI-Cu technology, the X7's sensor features thinner interconnection, allowing light to reach the sensing area via a larger incident angle for increased photosensitivity. This enables a more compact lens mount to be used while maintaining excellent image quality.

The flange focal distance of the DL/DL-S Mount is less than 17mm - roughly 1/3rd the size of a PL Mount. Such a compact mount means the X7 with lens weighs only about 630g. Together, the X7 and Inspire 2 weigh around just 4kg with the ability to capture the same challenging shots as more heavy duty setups, some weighing up to 40kg.

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