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FoxFury Rugo


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The FoxFury Rugo is a rugged go anywhere lighting tool designed to put light wherever you need it, whenever you need it. Powered by a rechargeable Quick-Swap Power Pack, this 700 lumen light features a sliding Tri-Lens™ which allows the user to select between area, spot and flood lighting. The Rugo can be used as a tactical spot light for a SWAT incursion, a flood light to keep your scene lit from above or an area light to shed light on a portion of a search grid or at camp.

The ultra-durable Rugo can also be used as an indicator light, a static light on the ground to light up a drone launch/landing zone, or as a utility light to help get prep and task work completed on-scene between missions. Rugos can be stacked to form light rings or light strands. Thumbscrews along with a ¼”-20, cold shoe mount and standard mount are included. This allows the Rugo to mount to most action cameras, DSLRs, UAVs and other devices with ease.

With four brightness levels, the Rugo is powered by a rechargeable Li-Ion battery system. The low-profile, lightweight (5.6oz) Rugo travels anywhere you need it making it ideal for UAS operations in even the most remote locations.

The Rugo comes with a sliding Tri-Lens™ (three interchangeable lens settings) allowing the Rugo to adapt to different uses. Lens settings can be changed in seconds. Lenses include:

SPOT = 18° lens for longer distance shots, such as aerial inspections or searches. Beam distance is 100ft (30m).

AREA = 55° lens for mid-range activities and DSLR use. Beam distance is 30ft (10m)

FLOOD = 120° lens for close-up activities where a wide swath of light is required, such as overhead scene lighting. Beam distance of 10ft (3m)

The Rugo comes with a rechargeable Quick-Swap Power Pack. It provides 1-6 hours of light on a single charge and fully recharges via a USB adapter in 2.5 hours. Power packs can be swapped out in seconds with no tools. Additional power packs are also available to extend shoot time out in the field.

All FoxFury lights have a rugged built-to-last design. This fully submersible light can be used just as much on land as it can underwater (up to 10 ft). Its all-weather design can thrive in desert heat, heavy rain, cold of a snow storm, and everything in between. This rugged light is tough enough for any job and withstands impact.

FoxFury made a name for themselves in emergency lighting solutions and the Rugo is no different. Whether it's lighting for your helmet to ensure you can navigate a dark room while investigating reports of a fire, to the light you rely on when flying your drone to light up a scene, FoxFury's attention to detail is something for which they are known across the world. That attention to detail is obvious even down little things such as the texture of the housings of both the light and the Quick-Swap Power Pack to allow for tactility and easy handling during even the most stressful situations.

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