MicaSense RedEdge-M Kit

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The RedEdge-M is a reliable, accurate, high-precision sensor engineered for easy integration into the market's most popular and available platforms.

CHLOROPHYLL MAP. The red edge spectral band is the star here, working in conjunction with the other bands to provide a more accurate measure of not just plant vigor but plant health.

NDVI LAYER. This commonly-known index compares the reflectance of the red band with that of the near-infrared band. However, this index alone provides limited information which is why it is just one of the several bands the RedEdge-M can capture.

DIGITAL SURFACE MODEL (DSM). A DSM is an astonishingly advantageous tool in any agronomist’s arsenal, primarily because of its use in evaluating surface properties and water flow.

RGB IMAGE. The RedEdge-M features global shutters for distortion-free images, including narrowband red, green, and blue bands for RGB color images that when processed are aligned to all visible and non-visible bands and vegetation indices.

The RedEdge-M is a self-contained sensor designed to easily integrate with almost any platform - from small, nimble rotary-wing systems to larger fixed-wing systems designed for endurance. The term platform agnostic has never been so applicable.

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