Skydio X2E

Rapidly deployable and secure autonomous drone Made in the USA

Autonomous. Tough. Secure.

Breakthrough Skydio Autonomy Enterprise combined with a ruggedized, portable airframe ready for day and night. The ultimate Made in America drone for situational awareness, asset inspection, and security patrol.

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35-Minute Flight Time

Compact, powerful batteries with an integrated quick-swap design promote long flight times.

NDAA Compliant

Made in the US and National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) compliant.

360° Obstacle Avoidance

Avoidance in every direction using six 4K 200° navigation cameras and NVIDIA TX2-based AI.

AES-128 Encryption

AES-128 wireless signal encryption with signed and encrypted firmware and burned-in key provisions.

Visible & IR Beacons

Visible light and infrared wavelength strobing lights can be toggled on or off while in flight.

Powerful Sensor Packages

Purpose-built sensor packages with available high-resolution visual and thermal cameras.

Authorized Skydio Reseller

Our direct partnership enables us to serve as your single point of contact for the leading autonomous hardware and software solutions from Skydio backed by the elevated level of support and service you've come to expect from UVT.

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See in Color & Thermal

The Skydio X2E is available in two different models, each with powerful cameras and specialized lenses.

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X2E Color

High-resolution visual imagery designed for up-close inspections.

  • Visual imagery only

  • 4K60P HDR color camera

  • 16x digital zoom

  • Wide-angle color lens with ~80° HFOV, ideal for detailed up-close inspections

X2E Color / Thermal

High-resolution imagery for situational awareness

  • Visual + thermal imagery

  • 4K60P HDR color camera

  • 16x digital zoom

  • Color lens with ~46° HFOV, suited for situational awareness with longer standoff distances

  • FLIR Boson 320x256 infrared camera

  • 8x digital thermal zoom

Unmatched Autonomy. Enterprise Performance.

A Blue UAS drone for aerial situational awareness and search & rescue missions. 

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Powerful Flight Performance

Designed originally for military and defense applications means the Skydio X2 can withstand some of the harshest environments on the planet.

Similar to defense, public safety and enterprise require rugged reliability and ease of us and the American Made Skydio X2E drone delivers just that.

Extreme Portability

A unique propeller and motor arm design in conjunction with an easy, sturdy folding mechanism allow the Skydio X2E to fold and unfold in record time.

Its design promotes rapid deployment and compact storage. Whether its your pack or the included hard case, the Skydio X2E stows and deploys fast enough to get eyes on the scene or site in less than a minute.

GPS Night Flight

Duty doesn't just call when its bright and sunny outside. You need a tactical drone solution that's just as reliable during the day as it is at night.

The Skydio X2E's precision GPS, inertial navigation system and intelligence enable precise flight navigation and guidance even with the obstacle avoidance system disabled due to low light.

Skydio Enterprise Controller

Designed for professionals and frontline workers, the Skydio Enterprise Controller is built with high impact plastic, boasts an innovative protective cover with a built-in antenna, and an ergonomic design for comfortable extended use periods.

  • 6.8" ultra-bright AMOLED touchscreen

  • Large glove-compatible joysticks

  • USB-C 3.1 with HDMI-Out support

Compact Tactical Deployment Kit

Its small size and ecosystem of portable components allow you to keep everything you need to deploy and stay on mission in one single hard case.

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