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Firefighting Drones

We provide drone solutions to help your team fight fires with intelligence and come home safe every night.

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Why Invest In Firefighting Drones?

From structure fires and wildland firefighting to vehicle crashes and chemical spills, each call a firefighter receives presents new dangers. Data is the ally in both eliminating the hazard and giving firefighters the greatest chance to do so unscathed. To give their brave men and women the edge they deserve, fire departments around the country are building UAV programs customized to their budget, personnel, equipment and frequent call-outs.

Drone fleets don’t extinguish fires by themselves — the service of firefighters can never be replaced. UAV fleets provide valuable information on hot spots, structural integrity and scene over-watch from vantage points that allow firefighters to make the best possible decisions.

UVT’s passion for firefighting drones goes beyond drone and robotics technology. Our specialists have and continue to serve their local communities as dispatchers, firefighters and public safety professionals. We value your commitment to keeping others safe, even when that means placing yourself in harm's way.

By forming a drone program with UVT, your agency has total access to our program integration, training and 24/7 on-call support services.

We partner with fire departments to harness their fleet to it's fullest potential. 

Our Firefighting Drone Specialists can provide you with pre-flight training, field assistance, fleet management, maintenance, training and more.

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Drone Use In Firefighting Professions

Different types of fires and calls require the right UAV tools. Most operators use their fleets for these mission-critical tasks.

 Monitoring hot spots

A firefighting drone outfitted with a thermal camera allows firefighting crews to locate and keep tabs on the hottest, most dangerous areas of a fire in real-time. When ground units know which area requires immediate extinguishing, they are able to mobilize and attack faster and safer.

 Assessing structural integrity

With civilians’ lives at risk, every second counts, but surveying the scene from the ground is time-consuming. Firefighting drones grant expedited situational awareness, reaching far above buildings and forest canopies to alert the ground crew of impending collapses beneath them or falling debris from above.

 Rescuing victims

Saving lives is even more important than saving property. Drones survey fires to locate the civilians at risk and assist firefighters to determine the best path toward extraction without a wasted moment.

Which Drones Fit My Agency's Fleet?

DJI M3T firefighting drone folded on case.

DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

Designed for enterprise pilots and with two intelligently purposed sensor packages and multiple attachments, the M3T is an everyday mission ready tool.

DJi M30T drone drone shown at active emergency scene.

DJI Matrice 30 Series

A balance of power and portability delivers higher operational efficiency. Its all-new design promotes extreme performance, incredible portability, and lightning-fast deployment.

Autel EVO Pro V3 drone flying.

Autel EVO II Pro V3

Loaded with a suite of technology, the Autel EVO II Pro V3 series is equipped with swappable payloads, designed to help you work like never  before.

Recommended  QuickTac Bundles

We manage our own drone programs as First Responders and have worked with countless agencies to help them grow and scale their fleets. We used that experience to put together some key considerations when you're looking to start or scale your drone program. Purpose built to ensure your agency has the right tools, our solutions specialists have curated bundles tailored to your needs.

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Our Solutions Specialists are standing by to provide you with a price quote, schedule an on-site demo, or just answer questions.

We use our experience as program managers and First Responders to help agencies like yours hone in on the perfect solution for your mission.

 Industry Expertise. We take an experience-driven approach when it comes to guiding our customers toward the right solutions.

 Low Pressure. Our entire sales process is low pressure from start to finish and tailored toward government purchasing to make sure you get the equipment you need, when you need it.

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