ProLine Pre-Flight

Through our ProLine Pre-Flight service, you can rest assured that the equipment you receive will be fully operational and ready to deploy on day one. Guaranteed.

Mission-Ready. Guaranteed Quality.

We built our ProLine Pre-Flight service ourselves because after managing fleets for our own departments, we never want our customers to have to deal with dead or malfunctioning equipment. By inspecting, updating and fully testing each and every component in your order, you'll have the peace of mind knowing our factory-trained technicians have given it their seal of approval.

Designed by Fleet Managers

Most of us manage drone programs for our own departments and we designed ProLine Pre-Flight to alleviate many of the pains that come from receiving dead equipment.

Factory-Trained Technicians

Our technicians are factory-trained, enabling them to go through your equipment with a fine-tooth comb ensuring each and every component is functioning perfectly.

Seamless Workflow

We set up and deliver drones every day and in order to maintain our quick turnaround on new orders, we've integrated ProLine Pre-Flight into our seamless workflow.

Platform-Specific Checklists

Each system we sell and set up for our customers has its own, customized checklist to ensure they are thoroughly inspected and set up each and every time.

Aviation-Inspired Mentality

Each and every drone that hits our bench is an aircraft and because of this, we've developed aviation-inspired methodologies to ensure absolute quality at each step.

Like One Of Our Own

From our highly secure, climate-controlled shop and warehouse to the anti-static gloves and wristbands we use to handle it, your equipment is treated like one of our own.

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