The UVT Difference

Serving as one of the largest industrial unmanned systems solutions providers in North America, UVT's hardware, software, and mission-critical services cover every operation across applications in industries such as public safety, utilities, construction, and more.

United Industries fire in Bentonville, AR with large black smoke clouds and raging fire with water spraying on it from a fire engine

Public Safety

With intelligent drone solutions for law enforcement, firefighting, search and resuce, and more, put technology to work to keep you safe.

Ozarks Electric Cooperative truck at a substation with a DJI Matrice 300 RTK drone flying in the background carrying the Zenmuse H20T thermal camera


From transmission and distribution, to vegetation management and right-of-way, drones help keep the power on for utilities worldwide.

A top-down shot of the DJI Phantom 4 RTK aircraft flying over an active construction site with a crane, vehicles, and workers visible


Monitor project progression, inspect critical milestones or create precise models and surveys with intelligent construction drone solutions.

Commercial Leasing Program

To get the right equipment at the right time, our commercial lease program was custom built to grow your organization's drone program quickly and efficiently.

Factory-Certified Service Center

Our technicians are factory-trained on the latest drone and robotics platforms and bring decades of experience to the bench.

  • Most advanced tools and equipment

  • Genuine OEM parts and accessories

  • OEM fixtures and calibration equipment

  • Manufacturer-specified sealants, fasteners, and adhesives

DJI Matrice 300 RTK with bullet holes through the top shell and dirt and gravel from a crash
UVT Service Center with multiple DJI Matrice 300 RTK drones on the workbench getting serviced, repaired and setup for flight

ProLine Fleet Management

As more and more organizations adopt drone and robotic technology, the need to safely and efficiently manage fleets is growing.

  • Powered by Airdata Enterprise

  • Advanced flight data logging

  • Comprehensive logging and tracking of hardware and personnel

  • Customized alerts for maintenance and flight errors and warnings

  • Secure online portal for viewing data and available live streaming

We're the #1 DJI Enterprise Public Safety Dealer for a reason.

We deliver comprehensive solutions that solve real-world problems.

Real-World Experience

Our knowledge and passion come from years of experience as firefighters, police officers, and dispatchers. Today, we put our expertise to work for you by assembling the perfect combination of hardware, software, and services to ensure your drone program is a success.

DJI Pilot App with flight telemetry showing and a small square image of a thermal camera feed on top of a larger square image showing a visual camera feed with an area that has been burned and firefighters actively fighting fire

Uncompromising Support

Our relentless and unwavering dedication to our customers is built on support. Thanks to our ProLine Support program, we ensure you have the tools and resources necessary to answer the call and get the job done.


DroneSense is the most comprehensive drone management and collaboration platform for public safety, government, and critical infrastructure organizations. When flying with DroneSense, operators have access to an unparalleled level of situational awareness that leads to successful missions and safer communities.

  • Powerful flight application across all compatible systems

  • Robust live operations management

  • High-definition, low latency live video streaming

  • Detailed hardware and personnel management

  • Built-in reporting tool for regulatory compliance

Odoo • Text and Image
Odoo • Image and Text

Airdata Enterprise

Airdata is one of the most powerful sUAS fleet management platforms in the world. Unlocking more data than any other system, Airdata Enterprise provides fleet managers with technical flight data, equipment management, pilot and drone activity, and even a cost-effective live streaming add-on. As an Airdata Enterprise Dealer, we serve as your primary point of contact from the initial purchase of your hardware and software, to the technical and operational support of your entire fleet.

  • Detailed flight data measured to the millisecond

  • Customizable alerting system

  • Hardware management

  • Built-in reporting of all enabled modules

4,700+ organizations trust UVT with their fleets.

Find out how we can help you and your agency build and manage a cost-effective drone program.

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Regulations are constantly changing, and keeping up with them is a full-time job. Let our consultants do the legwork for you, acting as your liaison with the FAA to manage and ensure the approval of COAs, waivers, and other regulatory requests.

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Our trainers are police officers, firefighters, linemen, and surveyors. We focus training on the practical application of drones and not just training for a test. You'll learn proven methodologies to put your drone to work safely and efficiently.

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Resources are hard to come by, especially in today's world. Using the experience we've gained from working with thousands of agencies across the country, we will develop a turnkey drone program from SOPs to training, fleet management, maintenance, and more.