Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV

High-endurance, all-weather quadrupedal ground robot for government and enterprise

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High-Endurance. All-Weather.

The Vision 60 Q-UGV is a mid-sized, high-endurance, agile, and durable all-weather ground robot for use in a broad range of unstructured urban and natural environments for defense, homeland, public safety, and enterprise applications.

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Long Endurance

3.15 hours in full motion or 21 hours of standby time with its computer, sensors, and radio powered on.

IP67 Protection

The only commercially available quadrupedal ground robot with an IP rating enabling all-weather operations.

Environmental Awareness

Utilizing its built-in RGB and ToF depth sensors, the Vision 60 is constantly aware of its surroundings.

Flexible Communications

Included 2.4, 5.8 GHz Wi-Fi & 4G/LTE radios, and a gigabit switch that supports any external radio.

NVIDIA-Powered Computing

With onboard NVIDIA Jetson computing technology, the Vision 60 is capable of real-time edge computing.

Endless Payload Options

Robotic arms, thermal drive and surround cameras, LiDAR, CBR/N detectors, multi-gas sensors, and more.

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Direct From The Battlefield

Designed and built to serve the modern warfighter, the Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV is now available to state and local governments, electric cooperatives, energy companies, and any other enterprise user looking to automate their dirtiest, most dangerous tasks.

Ghost Robotics Vision 60 QUGV preforming scheduled scan.

Rugged, Weather-Resistant Q-UGV Robot

Unlike other quadruped robots on the market, Vision 60 robots are robust. They have an IP67 rating, which means the platform is fully sealed from dust and can be submerged in up to 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes.

In addition to being able to operate in the dirtiest, dustiest, dampest areas, the Vision 60 is also capable of operating at extreme temperatures from -40° F to 131° F (-40° to 55° C).

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Endless Enterprise Applications

The commercial and enterprise application for the Vision 60 are nearly endless. The Ghost Robotics Vision 60 Q-UGV can traverse almost any terrain that is navigable by a human and is capable of carrying nearly any sensor package imaginable.

Customers worldwide are operating the Vision 60 quadruped robot to keep humans safe at coal and nuclear power plants to electrical substations, critical infrastructure installations, and more.

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Robot dog inspections
Quadruped robot in the field with sensors deployed.

High-Endurance Quadruped Robot

When the calls ring out, you need to know you've got a robotic solution in place that can deliver. Other quadruped robots fall short because they simply can't run long enough to keep up. Ghost Robotics made the Vision 60 Q-UGV capable of walking continuously for 3.15 hours to solve that problem.

Need to remain stationary for long periods of time to collect sensor data or perform surveillance? That's not a problem either. The Vision 60 quadruped robot can run in standby mode with the computer on and all of its RGB cameras monitoring for up to 21 hours.

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The Future Of Work

Smart, scalable autonomous robotic solutions enable a level of automation and risk mitigation never before possible.

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Quadrupedal robot climbing stairs.

Multi-Terrain Capability

An innovative and class-leading quadrupedal robot design along with enhanced mobility intelligence enables the Vision 60 Q-UGV to traverse nearly any terrain that is navigable by a human.

Mitigate the risk to you and your teams by deploying a Vision 60 robot to walk across high catwalks to inspect valves, or send the Vision 60 up a steep grassy embankment to scout ahead and ensure the coast is clear for your team to advance.

Quadruped robot shown stepping up on structure.

Quadrupeds vs. Wheeled & Tracked UGVs

Quadruped robots are capable of more easily traversing unstructured terrain, such as curbs, concrete foundations, loose gravel, stairs, and even swamps. Typically, quadrupeds can climb over obstacles or traverse gaps 4-8x faster than a tracked robot.

Its ability to step up onto landings or other foundations enables the Vision 60 Q-UGV to perch and get its built-in RGB cameras or separate attached payloads closer to the asset being inspected. In most situations, a tracked robot would be unable to climb up onto a landing, and when attempting to perch, a tracked robot would likely teeter or fall off to one side rather than remain stationary in a fixed position.

Ghost Robotics Vision 60 QUGV prepared for mission.

Easily Field Repairable

The Vision 60 was built from the ground up to be fully modular. This includes everything from the battery and legs to the main CPU and front and rear sensor heads. This modularity enables the sub-assemblies on the Vision 60 can be swapped out within minutes.

Ghost Robotics Vision 60 QUGV ground surveillance.

Unique "Blind Mode" Navigation

Vision 60 robots have the unequaled ability to navigate through tall grass and unknown terrain even when its vision sensors are obscured by mud, rain, snow or direct sunlight. This is achieved using proprietary methods that mimic how mammals operate across a broad array of urban and rural environments.

When other quadrupedal robots encounter environmental factors in the real world, they become paralyzed, resulting in the robot having to end its mission. The Vision 60 is built to prioritize mission success.

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