Remote Operations

As the nation's leading docked solutions provider, we pair organizations with tailor-made remote deployment solutions. 

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UVT's Drones As First Responder program is a proactive emergency response strategy, enabling drones to respond and arrive first on scene, providing live actionable intelligence streamed to commanders and first responders.

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UVT's Commercial Security suite enables comprehensive and continuous live-streamed monitoring of remote assets and territories using a cohesive ecosystem of docked aerial and ground-based quadrupedal unmanned vehicles.

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UVT's Remote Inspection solutions offer an efficient and proactive autonomous assessment of resources, infrastructure, and construction site progress with repeatable preplanned missions leveraging cutting-edge docked drone and robotics technology.

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UVT is the nation's leading Remote Operations docked solution provider!

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Comprehensive Remote Solutions

From concept planning to integration, management, and support, our team of experts provides a holistic suite of remote operations solutions. Our ecosystem of remote support streamlines your operations with efficiency and enables enhanced monitoring, faster response, and optimized inspections.

 Enhanced Safety.

One of the most significant advantages of remote operations is the enhancement of safety for workers and personnel. By utilizing drones and robotics monitoring technologies, businesses can conduct inspections and assessments without exposing workers to potentially hazardous environments. This is particularly crucial in industries such as energy, construction, and environmental management, where workers may face risks associated with working at heights, in confined spaces, or in remote locations. By minimizing the need for on-site personnel, remote operations significantly reduce the likelihood of workplace accidents and injuries, ultimately creating a safer working environment for all.

 Increased Efficiency.

Remote operations offer unparalleled efficiency compared to traditional methods of monitoring and assessment. Docked drones and robotics equipped with advanced sensors and imaging technology are able to gather real-time data and actionable intelligence with unprecedented speed and accuracy with precise, pre-planned, repeatable missions. This allows for faster decision-making and response times, leading to improved operational efficiency and productivity. Whether it's conducting asset inspections, monitoring environmental conditions, or assessing construction site progress, remote operations enable businesses to streamline processes, optimize workflows, and minimize downtime, ultimately driving cost savings and maximizing ROI.

 Proactive Reliability.

Remote operations empower businesses to adopt a proactive approach to maintenance and asset management. By conducting regular inspections and assessments using drones and other remote monitoring technologies, organizations can identify potential issues and anomalies before they escalate into costly problems or downtime. This predictive maintenance approach allows for timely interventions and corrective actions, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures and maximizing asset lifespan. By staying ahead of maintenance schedules and addressing issues proactively, businesses can reduce maintenance costs, increase asset reliability, and optimize operational performance.

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(UVT) revolutionizes commercial remote operations with an end-to-end suite of remotely docked drone and Quadrupedal Unmanned Ground Vehicle (QUGV) solutions. By harnessing our advanced technologies, businesses can achieve comprehensive protection, asset assurance, and efficient incident response.

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