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Complete Utility Drone Solutions

We've spent hundreds of hours in the field to ensure our solutions are exactly what you need to get the job done.

Aerial drone image of power distribution lines.

Power Distribution

Generation, transmission and distribution is costly, dangerous, and challenging. Our cost-effective solutions will increase safety, maximize efficiency, reduce risk and minimize expense.

Aerial drone image of a flooded residence.

Storm Response

Our UAS solutions enable you to conduct storm damage surveys more quickly and safely, providing immediate, high-resolution imagery of impacted infrastructure.

Aerial drone image of vegetation encroaching on utility infrastructure.

Vegetation Management

Quickly and efficiently scan miles of line in a single flight to monitor vegetation health and check for encroachment or other hazards to proactively manage your rights-of-way.

160,000+ miles of line have been inspected by our utility drone solutions

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The Benefits of Drones in Utilities & Energy

Our intelligent drone systems do more than just capture data and images.

 Safer, more efficient inspections.

Drones enable line crews to quickly get a complete view of any structure to assess damage, validate repairs and perform a variety of other inspections. Our quick-deploy utility drones are designed to live in your trucks and serve as the first set of eyes during any outage or call for service.

 Automated asset management.

Every image captured by the drone will contain millions of pixels and highly accurate geolocation data that can be turned into a real-time map of your entire infrastructure. The more you fly, the more data you are able to build for any given structure or other asset to include high-resolution visual and thermal imagery, LiDAR, and more.

 Quick, cost-effective vegetation management.

High-resolution visual and thermal imagery alone is more than capable of giving you a good understanding of the current state of vegetation along your Rights-of-Way. Combined with multispectral and LiDAR, you're now given a comprehensive view of the overall health of that vegetation and its precise distance from your lines or other structures.

Consider This...

We've been equipping utilities and cooperatives with drones since 2014 and we used that experience to come up with some key considerations when starting or scaling your utility drone program.

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