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Police Drones

We use our experience managing our own law enforcement drone programs to help your department acquire the right equipment, the first time

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Why Invest In Police Drones ?

Protecting and serving has always been challenging and that's still true today. Law enforcement budgets and recruitment efforts have had trouble keeping pace with rising crime rates, particularly violent crimes. That’s why law enforcement agencies around the country are investing in tailor-made UAV fleet programs to assist their personnel in the situations in which they most frequently engage. 

These fleets will never replace the brave men and women who put their lives on the line to protect their communities — instead, they provide rapid deployment, tactical support, and real-time information to get them home safe after every shift and late-night call.

UVT’s passion for law enforcement drones goes beyond the technology itself. Many of us are and have been active duty police, dispatchers, firefighters, and other law enforcement. We understand the daily struggles and admire your commitment to serve in these especially troubled times. 

When your agency forms its fleet with UVT, you have complete access to our program integration, training, and 24/7 on-call support services.

We have extensive experience helping law enforcement agencies save lives.

Always on standby, our Police Drone Specialists are available to upgrade your operations.

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Drone Use In Law Enforcement Professions

No one UAV fleet is the same. The equipment you need depends on your department's mission and operational obligations. There are a few common uses that often overlap between fleets.

 Searching for fleeing suspects

Drone fleets allow officers to observe dense urban areas or wide-open fields with ease. When suspects are spotted from a drone’s far-seeing vantage point, ground units maneuver with greater effectiveness and are able to avoid potentially dangerous ambushes.

 Providing overwatch

In heavily congested areas, the high ground matters more than ever. The right drone fleet monitors large gatherings for suspicious behavior, identifies traffic patterns where an officer on the ground may be unable, and otherwise finds important details that ground units may miss.

 Mapping an accident scene

From high in the sky, drones combine aerial photos with forensic photogrammetry software to reconstruct vehicle accidents or crime scenes, saving significant time and — in many cases — keeping officers out of danger.

Which Drones Might Fit My Agency's Fleet?


DJI M350 drone on case with remote controller.

DJI Matrice 350 RTK

Cutting edge safety and unbeatable performance features combine to make the Matrice 350 RTK the most advanced and reliable commercial drone ever built.

DJI M30T drone deployed and ready for launch.

DJI Matrice 30 Series

A balance of power and portability delivers higher operational efficiency. Its all-new design promotes extreme performance, incredible portability, and lightning-fast deployment.

DJI M3T with RTK module shown on search and rescue mission

DJI Mavic 3 Thermal

Designed for enterprise pilots and with two intelligently purposed sensor packages and multiple attachments, the M3T is an everyday mission ready tool.

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