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Go Professional Cases DJI Mini 2 w/Smart Controller Case
GPC Mini 2 w/Smart Controller Case is the most compact and secure way to travel with and store your Mini 2 and DJI Smart Controller. This case holds the Mini 2, DJI Smart Controller, up to four flight batteries (with one in the drone), USB battery charger, and props, cables, miscellaneous accessories.
149.00 149.0 USD
Go Professional Cases DJI Mini 2 Prop Guard Case
When converting your DJI Mini 2 into a tactical drone, the first thing you do is put the prop cage on, but then the issue becomes portability and deployment time. GPC answered the call by creating a hard case that holds the Mini 2 in a fully deployed configuration with the prop cage installed - making it an all-in-one tactical drone solution. It also has enough space to hold the remote, up to 10 flight batteries, a charging hub, remote controller tablet mount and so much more.
269.00 269.0 USD
Go Professional Cases DJI Mini 2 Case
The DJI Mini 2 case from GPC is the most compact hard case currently available on the market. The case holds everything that comes with the stock Mini 2 package from DJI, and it is even convertible to hold the Fly More Kit equipment, a UVT ProCare Lens Cleaning Pen, and a microSD card holder.
85.00 85.0 USD