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DJI Cendence Control Stick Cover
Protect your Cendence Control thumbsticks from dust and debris with this pair of Rubber Stick Covers from DJI. These Cendence Stick Covers add an additional layer of protection against foreign debris. Two Cendence Control Stick Covers are included for protection for both thumbsticks.
29.00 29.0 USD
DJI Cendence Remote Controller Support Rig
The Cendence Remote Controller Support Rig attaches to a user's abdomen, reducing the weight of the remote controller and making it easier to hold for long periods of time.
11.00 11.0 USD
DJI Cendence Patch Antenna
This DJI Patch Antenna mounts to the Cendence Remote Controller (available separately), allowing for high-gain signal transmission and improved reception. By utilizing this Patch Antenna you can boost overall interference resistance and signal quality with your aircraft.
279.00 279.0 USD