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The DJI RC Plus is DJI's first weather-rated handheld remote controller enabling operations in even the harshest environments. With an updated Android-based operating system, sunlight-readable 1200-nit 7-inch HD screen, numerous I/O ports, and the ability to hot-swap batteries using both the internal battery as well as a WB37, the DJI RC Plus is officially the new standard in enterprise handheld remote controllers.
1,600.00 1600.0 USD
DJI RC Plus Strap and Bracket Kit
The DJI RC Plus Strap Bracket adds a solid mounting point on the bottom of the RC Plus for the included chest harness to attach to. Utilizing the RC Plus Strap Bracket, the operator will have increased peace of mind and the ability to go hands-free while still keeping the RC Plus on their person.
39.00 39.0 USD
DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery
The WB37 Intelligent Battery is a 2-cell (2S) LiPo battery with a maximum capacity of 4920 mAh and a maximum voltage of 7.6 V. The DJI WB37 Intelligent Battery is compatible with the Smart Controller Enterprise (for the M300 RTK), D-RTK 2 Mobile Station, CrystalSky Monitors, and the Cendence and Cendence S Remote Controllers.
59.00 59.0 USD