ANZU Robotics Raptor and Raptor T: Familiar Dependability

Making Secure and High-Performance Drones Accessible To All.
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ANZU Robotics Raptor and Raptor T: Familiar Dependability
Adam Hoing

As country-of-origin legislation spreads across the nation, casting a shadow over the drone industry, public safety professionals find themselves hamstrung, navigating a landscape shaped by regulations influenced by lobbyists from several American drone manufacturers. Confronted with fewer capable solutions, antiquated technology, recurring software subscriptions, and inflated hardware costs that cripple budgets, many drone fleets have been grounded across the nation.

Introducing ANZU Robotics: A Beacon of Innovation and Reliability

In the midst of this challenging landscape, ANZU Robotics emerges as a beacon of innovation and reliability. With a commitment to providing secure, high-performance drones accessible to all, ANZU Robotics is revolutionizing the industry. Government entities seeking reliable, secure, and efficient solutions to enhance their operational capabilities while complying with strict country of origin regulations are turning to the ANZU Robotics Raptor and Raptor T.


Raptor Series: Two Variations, Boundless Applications

The Raptor series from ANZU Robotics is comprised of two formidable models: the Raptor and the Raptor T. Both variations are engineered with industry-leading technology to offer unparalleled performance, ensuring that your missions are executed with precision and efficiency.


45 min max flight time

Mechanical Shutter

0.7 sec Photo Interval

Visual Camera 56x Hybrid Zoom

4/3 CMOS Sensor

9+ mile max range

33 MPH max speed

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45 min max flight time

640x512 @30Hz Thermal Camera

Visual Camera 56x Hybrid Zoom

1/2 CMOS Sensor

9+ mile max range

33 MPH max speed

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Unmatched Versatility and Performance

The Raptor series is designed to address a wide range of applications, from swift disaster assessments and precise subject tracking to modernize search and rescue operations. With its advanced RGB camera, the Raptor provides crystal-clear visual imaging, perfect for detailed inspections and surveillance. The Raptor T goes a step further by incorporating a high-resolution thermal sensor, essential for detecting heat signatures during search and rescue missions, infrastructure inspections, and more.

Both drones feature a 56x hybrid zoom camera, ensuring high-quality imagery and data accuracy. The optional RTK module accessory offers centimeter-level precision, making these drones indispensable for tasks requiring exact measurements and data collection.

Built with Security and Compliance in Mind

One of the critical concerns for government entities is the origin and security of their equipment. ANZU Robotics addresses this head-on by ensuring their drones are assembled in Malaysia, with final assembly, firmware installation, and rigorous quality control conducted in the United States. This ensures compliance with government regulations, providing peace of mind regarding the integrity and security of your operations.

Data Security with Aloft Software

In partnership with Aloft, a trusted software development partner, ANZU Robotics is prioritizing the security of your data ensuring robust security measures are in place. Aloft’s ISO 27001 and SOC 2, Type II certifications attest to their commitment to data protection. All customer data captured by ANZU drones are securely stored on U.S.-based servers with an AES-256 encryption, safeguarding your sensitive information from unauthorized access.

American-Owned and Operated

ANZU Robotics is proudly an American-owned and operated company headquartered in Austin, Texas. Invested in the potential of aerial robotics, the company is committed to remaining independent from undesirable affiliations. This independence allows a focus on innovation, quality, and the specific need to provide reliable, cost-effective, and secure drone solutions for government and public safety entities.

Empower Your Missions with ANZU Robotics

The Raptor and Raptor T drones by ANZU Robotics offer a powerful combination of advanced technology, robust security, and compliance with government regulations. Whether you are conducting search and rescue operations, performing detailed inspections, or responding to emergencies, the Raptor series is designed to meet your needs with precision and reliability.

Join the growing number of government entities that trust ANZU Robotics for their aerial technology solutions.

We tailor drone programs to your organizations needs.

Contact us here to discover how the Raptor and Raptor T can transform your operational capabilities and enhance your mission outcomes.

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