Mission Ready, Now: Unmanned Vehicle Technologies' ProLine Support
Always On: Expert Drone Support For Your Mission
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Mission Ready, Now: Unmanned Vehicle Technologies' ProLine Support
Adam Hoing

From day one, the mission of Unmanned Vehicle Technologies (UVT) has been predicated on ensuring our nation's first responders had reliable support they could call on, day or night. This mission, birthed by Chris Fink, Founder and CEO of UVT, has defined the trajectory and success of UVT, setting the company apart as a respected leader in the industry. 

As a public safety dispatcher, Chris was exposed to the immense advantages of deploying drones and robotics to aid public safety agencies when responding to community crisis events. However, Chris also witnessed firsthand how support for the tools the first responders were deploying was not only critical but also inadequate.

With a devotion to supporting America's front-line workers and a passion for equipping them with advanced technological tools, Chris launched UVT. Now, 10 years later, because of Chris' faithfulness to building a culture of world-class service and support, Chris and the entire UVT team remain deeply committed to the company's core principles, setting the bar of excellence for the entire industry.

UVT ProLine Support. Why It Matters.

We have built our team of drone and robotics experts from current and former public safety personnel, many currently managing active drone teams and or fleets of their own. For example, Capt. Kyle Nordfors, in addition to being a UVT Aviation Applications Specialist, also serves as the UAS Chairman for the Mountain Rescue Association (MRA) and UAS Team Coordinator for Weber County Search and Rescue. Kyle is regularly involved in high-altitude, impassable search and rescue operations only made possible by the deployment of drone technology. His expertise and experience are invaluable for agencies preparing to respond to their own SAR missions. 

Likewise, Chad Larman, a UVT Field Applications Specialist, serves as the Drone Commander for the Oklahoma Disaster Task Force, coordinating and collaborating with public safety response teams across the state, prioritizing disaster readiness and response with drone and robotics training and application.

It’s because of this experience our team understands the need for an always-on support system, ready to assist at a moment's notice. We understand that lives are often on the line, and your operations aren't contingent on our business hours. As such, we have built a support structure to assist you when you need it most.

This commitment sets us apart from other entities that often lack the real-world expertise needed to support and understand the intricacies and requirements of your operations.

Choose Your Support

Because of our experience, we know that a one-size-fits-all all approach falls short of the industry-leading support standards our customers and partners have come to expect from UVT. This is why we have carefully created three tiers of ProLine Support, each designed to meet the unique needs and budgets of our customers.

ProLine Support LITE

For those seeking essential support during regular business hours, ProLine Support LITE offers a cost-effective solution. Priced at $299 per aircraft per year, this tier provides access to our self-service support portal, online support video library, and downloadable user guides and checklists. It's perfect for customers who require assistance during standard operating hours and prefer to troubleshoot issues independently.

ProLine Support BASIC

Stepping up from Lite, ProLine Support BASIC includes all the features of LITE with additional benefits. Priced at $599 per aircraft per year, this tier offers email support and access to our team of factory-trained technicians. With custom billing options available, ProLine Support BASIC caters to enterprise customers seeking personalized assistance and extended support beyond regular business hours.

ProLine Support PREMIUM

For the highest level of support and peace of mind, ProLine Support PREMIUM is the ultimate choice. Priced at $1199 per aircraft per year, this tier builds upon Basic with 24x7x365 email, SMS, and online support, along with extended business hours phone support. Additionally, PREMIUM subscribers gain access to our detailed online support video library, ensuring they have all the resources needed to maximize the performance of their drone fleet. Best of all, ProLine Support PREMIUM is free for all government purchases, underscoring our commitment to supporting our nation's public safety agencies.

Dedicated To Your Mission

With UVT ProLine Support, you're not only getting assistance; you're gaining a partner invested in your success. Our commitment to providing unmatched support extends beyond the transactional; it's about forging lasting relationships built on trust and reliability.

Whether you're a small organization just starting your drone program or a large enterprise managing a fleet of sUAS, our goal remains the same: empowering your mission with the right tools and support needed to achieve your operational objectives.

Contact us today. We're here when you need us.

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