DJI Activates Their Disaster Relief Program (DRP) to Battle COVID-19

April 1, 2020 by
DJI Activates Their Disaster Relief Program (DRP) to Battle COVID-19
Chris Fink

Drones Against COVID-19

A strong commitment to public safety and the competitive edge on sUAS innovation allows DJI, the world's leader in civilian drones, to aid in the relief efforts of large scale disasters. One way they accomplish this is through a program called the Disaster Relief Program (DRP).

Initially announced in September 2019, DJI's Disaster Relief Program enables US-based dealers to equip state and local public safety agencies with the drones, cameras, and software for which DJI has become known. The same equipment and software that is being used today by law enforcement and the fire service across the world.

Not Their First Rodeo

Drones have already been hard at work right here in the United States, assisting those on the frontlines with disaster recovery efforts. Events like hurricanes Irma and Florence, as well as both the Tubbs Fire and Camp Fire in California, and the record-breaking floods we experienced right here in Northwest Arkansas last year.

"This program builds on DJI's growing commitment to the public safety industry, as more than 900 public safety organizations across the United States, including the Los Angeles Fire Department, are deploying DJI drones for lifesaving activities," said Romeo Durscher, Former Senior Director of Public Safety Integration at DJI. To Mr. Durscher's point, more than 280 people's lives have been saved thanks to the use of drones, a number that is undoubtedly going to continue to rise. Just last week, the Anchorage Police Department located a lost hiker using its drone, equipped with both a visual and thermal camera payload. An example of a payload like this is the DJI Zenmuse H20T.

Hardware Built For Disaster

The hardware and software offered through the program will include the DJI Mavic 2 Enterprise series drones. Also available will be the attachments and accessories, such as the M2E Speaker, which will empower agencies to broadcast critical messages and information to their citizens. During pandemics such as the novel coronavirus we are battling right now, this technology allows an agency to socially distance themselves while continuing to provide the public with the information they need, be it COVID-19 testing locations or instructions, new or changes to existing stay-at-home orders, and more. In addition, DJI, along with Enterprise Dealers like UVT, will provide enhanced technical and operational support, repair services, and on-site personnel and resources to help ensure equipment is deployed quickly and efficiently.

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