UVT Unpacks the Brand New Mavic 3 Enterprise and Mavic 3 Thermal
Mavic 3 Enterprise Series: Tailored Enterprise Solutions
27 September, 2022 by
UVT Unpacks the Brand New Mavic 3 Enterprise and Mavic 3 Thermal
Chris Fink

What a drone! The anticipated 3rd generation of compact Mavic drones from DJI has just added the Mavic 3 Enterprise and Mavic 3 Thermal to an already impressive catalog of drone technology, including the M30 Series and M300 RTK. UVT is here to help dissect each aircraft's features and explain how DJI has purposed three separate suites of technology built for specific, targeted industries.

UVT was founded to ensure our first responders always have a resource they can call on, day or night. We have grown by being dependable and offering no-nonsense advice backed by years of experience and as a result, have formed long-standing relationships with the agencies we serve. Here is our initial take on DJI’s new M3E and M3T.


Mavic 3 Series

Carrying on the workhorse utility of its predecessor the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced, the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series builds on this legacy and adapts technology from its bigger sibling, the Matrice 30 Series. Upgraded compliments to its utility, like optional speaker and RTK attachments, allow for on-the-go aircraft customization. The optical zoom makes for highly detailed focused images, while the upgraded thermal imaging can easily identify hotspots and temperature differences at a distance. Perfect for assisting in search and rescue missions, subject tracking, inspections and surveillance — the M3 Series has tailored sensor packages for all of your applications.

Moreover, each aircraft is paired with DJI’s brand new RC Pro Enterprise, adding additional features like the DJI Pilot 2 app that supports multiple mission planning options, a mini-HDMI out, the DJI Thermal Analysis tool 3.0, screen recording and more. Given the inclusion of the RC Pro Enterprise controller and suite of technology embedded within, the price point of the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series bundles is an incredible bargain.

Built for commercial users, DJI fashioned an extremely ergonomic build and bright 5.5” display with excellent grips and an intuitive button layout. Given the size, the weight is fair and feels durable in your hands. The battery life is an impressive 3 hours and boasts an hour and a half charging time with the ability to charge while operating.

Many users will be happy to know that the Mavic 3 Enterprise Series drones will be compatible with the batteries used with the consumer Mavic 3 drone. Given that some combinations available from DJI include batteries, be aware that others do not. Be sure to ask your drone and robotics partner for a complete list of everything included before purchasing and comparing quotes.

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Both the Mavic 3 Enterprise and Mavic 3 Thermal will be offered with care options, for peace of mind, as part of DJI’s pre-built aircraft combos. The M3E and M3T will be available with DJI’s Care Basic and Care Plus service plans.

Mavic 3 Enterprise

A long-awaited mechanical shutter on a Mavic is finally here! Only previously available with the DJI Phantom 4 Series, the inclusion of a mechanical shutter provides surveyors, Departments of Forestry, Interior, Natural Resources officials, and land managers nationwide the ability to make precise calculations and maps with the included Micro 4/3 CMOS wide camera sensor, an additional RTK attachment providing centimeter-level measurements and photogrammetry software like Pix4D.

Image quality is always an essential factor in choosing the right drone tool. Whether working with photogrammetry, orthomosaic mapping or gathering and presenting evidence at a crash scene, the visual camera equipped with a Micro Four Thirds (4/3 CMOS) 20 MP sensor and capable of 1-7x optical zoom and 56x digital hybrid zoom is perfect for operations that require detailed images. An available Mavic 3 Enterprise RTK module capable of connecting via Network RTK and compatible with DJI's D-RTK 2 High-Precision GNSS Mobile Station offers pinpoint precision, making volumetric measurements and accident reconstruction safe, simple and effective.

Mavic 3 Thermal

This drone is designed for first responders and emergency service workers to monitor and highlight temperature discrepancies, day or night, from an aerial perspective when responding to fire emergencies, search and rescue missions, missing persons, low-light surveillance and more. The Mavic 3 Thermal adds a 640x512 radiometric thermal sensor  alongside its visual camera capable of capturing video in 4K and still images up to 48MP with its 1/2" CMOS sensor. Coupled with the thermal capability, DJI has included free Thermal Analysis Software to aid in missions related to fire events, helping responders analyze heat signatures and inspectors pinpoint the origin of ignition.

Arguably one of the most cost-effective thermal sUAS on the market today, the M3T fits the price point for departments just starting an sUAS program. Agencies adding their first drone, departments looking to trade in and or replace aging hardware in their growing fleet with thermal capability, energy conglomerates investing in thermal inspection and departments engaging in night operations will all benefit from the addition of the Mavic 3 Thermal.

Commercial sUAS pilots who need to stay on scene longer and cover more area will be excited to know that the Mavic 3 Thermal boasts 45 minutes of flight time! This equates to an additional 14 mins or 32% increase in flight time over its predecessor the Mavic 2 Enterprise Advanced. The upgraded 15km max transmission range allows drone teams to access more remote areas and increase operational coverage with a 15km max transmission range.

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