DJI Dock 2: Built For Remote Operations

The Forward Operating Base For Remote Operations
December 8, 2023 by
DJI Dock 2: Built For Remote Operations
Adam Hoing

As the popularity of remote drone operations increases across the breadth of global industry, so do the expectations for the tools that enable these processes. When completing pre-programmed autonomous aerial inspections, teams in Texas overseeing vast fields of solar arrays need high-quality thermal sensors able to identify defective assets from aerial viewpoints, reaching heights greater than 130 ft AGL, while safely avoiding nearby infrastructure. These professionals rely on the durability, consistency, and efficiency of these tools to perform specific repeatable tasks with precise accuracy. 

Real-time crime centers focused on crisis mitigation and intervention need reliable, cost-effective solutions to quickly gather data to respond with intelligence and save more lives. Like other industry professionals, these teams and the communities they serve need systems they can count on when called upon.

Continuing to push the boundaries of innovation, DJI has created the DJI Dock 2, a compact command center for the Dock 2 specific aircraft, DJI’s M3D and M3TD. Able to autonomously launch, land, charge, diagnose, and quickly offload data, the Dock 2 serves as the forward operating base for facilitating remote operations. 

The introduction of all-new cloud-based intelligence controls along with a redesigned compact frame means more control, capability, integration, and installation location possibilities.

Compact Design 

Weighing in at only 75 pounds, the Dock 2 is 156 pounds lighter than the earlier generation and able to be easily carried by two people. The redesigned form factor simplifies portability during transport and site selection for installation, opening up possibilities for deployment in challenging terrains and seamless integration into existing operational structures.

Cradled Landing

DJI has introduced a sloped edge landing platform, eliminating the need for additional mechanical components that can wear over time and allowing the M3D and M3TD to center and securely slide into the charging position easily. This feature not only enhances docking functionality but also enables more successful landings while simplifying the dock's mechanical burden.

An all-new image recognition technology ensures the aircraft can easily identify the visual markers atop the dock for repeated docking success.

Multiple Solutions

Built for the DJI Dock 2, the new Matrice 3TD and 3D drones are powerful aircraft designed for remote operations. The DJI Matrice 3D comes with a telephoto camera and mechanical shutter with wide-angle capabilities. The Matrice 3TD adds a 640x512 thermal sensor for low-light scenarios with 28x digital zoom and a “Super-resolution mode” setting, capable of 1280x1024 resolution at 30fps.

Pictured: Matrice 3TD Drone Sensors

Both drones are equipped with fast charging when docked, powering the aircraft from 20%-90% over 32 minutes, an IP54 rating, and an impressive 50-minute max flight time.

Pictured: Matrice 3D Drone Sensors

Comprehensive Environment Awareness

Built with dual cameras, a rain gauge, an anemometer, a thermometer, and real-time weather forecasts, the DJI Dock 2 provides complete environmental and security awareness for safe operations. When paired with complimentary Sikong 2 software, the dock can reduce flight risks by providing alerts and even postponing scheduled flights in the face of potential threats.

Third-Party Payload Support

Designed for the diversity of industry, the M3D and M3TD are equipped with an E-Port interface granting pilots access to a wide range of operationally specific payloads. From searchlights that increase visibility during lowlight scenarios and loudspeakers able to project sounds over a distance to parachutes that keep personnel and equipment safe, operators have the flexibility to customize their aircraft for the mission at hand.

Leading The Way

The DJI Dock 2 is more than a docking station. It represents some of the best drone technology, on the market designed for remote operations. Those looking for cost-effective, capable tools, free from the constraints of annual software licenses and equipped with bleeding-edge technology able to complete designated tasks when drone pilots need them most, the DJI Dock 2 stands at the forefront of remote drone deployment innovation.

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