Remote Network Connection for Docked Drone Operations

Seamless Drone Dock Deployments: Enhancing Remote Connectivity with Plum Case
July 19, 2023 by
Remote Network Connection for Docked Drone Operations
Adam Hoing

One of the key challenges faced by drone operations is the need for reliable connectivity to transmit video data in real-time. Drones offer the capability to capture video footage in remote and hazardous locations, providing immediate situational awareness to operators. However, a high-speed and dependable network connection is essential to fully leverage this capability.

Connectivity for Drone Operations

Over the years, the importance of connectivity in drone operations has grown significantly, particularly with the increasing utilization of live-streaming video. The need for drones to remain connected for livestream purposes has become paramount. However, there are specific challenges associated with achieving seamless connectivity, such as location network constraints and high bandwidth requirements. 

Drone operations take place in diverse settings ranging from remote locations to densely populated city centers. As a cutting-edge industry leader in remote and urban docked drone solutions, UVT's Solution Specialists have been at the forefront, testing range, connectivity, and limitations with traditional network devices, which proved inadequate in delivering consistent connectivity and high bandwidth. To address this challenge, our team sought a customizable solution that could adapt to a range of diverse scenarios.

Overcoming Remote Transmission Connectivity for Drones with Plum Case® by Plum Laboratories

We found the ideal solution in the form of Plum Case, a product offered by Plum Laboratories. The Plum Case features remarkable hardware, including proprietary antenna technology that enables connectivity to cellular signals from great distances. Additionally, it incorporates a unique and proprietary power system, the Plum Power Bank, that ensures the cases can operate for up to 72 hours without interruption.

However, one of the most significant advantages we have found of the Plum solutions isin't the hardware, but in the Plum Labs’ team and their exceptional support. The Plum Support team possesses a deep understanding of connectivity requirements and can customize case configurations remotely during deployments offering tailored solutions to overcome a myriad of obstacles.

Optimizing Performance for Deployed Plum Cases

With ownership and access to one of the nation's first DJI Dock’s, our team of experienced experts have been establishing docked drone solutions with Drones As First Responder programs for government jurisdictions and remote operational autonomy for enterprise organizations across America. 

Spanning different regions, each with its own connectivity challenges, the ability to adapt and optimize case configurations to maximize throughput is a significant factor contributing to the success of our team's deployments. The Plum Labs' team ensures that the Plum Case performs optimally regardless of an area’s distinct cellular network characteristics.

By partnering with Plum Labs and leveraging their innovative solution, the Plum Case, our UVT team has overcome the connectivity challenges inherent in drone operations. The customized and adaptable nature of Plum Case, combined with the expertise of the Plum Labs team, has helped us provide uninterrupted and reliable connectivity for our customers in the energy, public safety, and government sectors. With Plum Case, we have found a way to keep your mission connected, enhancing the effectiveness of drone operations, that allow for real-time situational awareness in even the most remote and challenging environments.

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