Streamlining Takeoff: Unmanned Vehicle Technologies' ProLine Pre-Flight Service

Day-Zero Comprehensive Drone And Robotics Deployment Preparation
December 29, 2023 by
Streamlining Takeoff: Unmanned Vehicle Technologies' ProLine Pre-Flight Service
Adam Hoing

Pairing enterprise organizations with the right drone and robotics tools, strategically tailored and purposed to push missions forward, is our expertise. Our team has built, fostered, and employed one of the industry's largest catalogs of end-to-end solutions, creating curated combinations to overcome a myriad of operational challenges and assist departments large and small all across the nation.

While each of these solutions can be extremely valuable for ensuring the success of a mission, time-consuming updates, complicated setups requiring hours' worth of investment, and dead-on-arrival parts can make acquiring new technology daunting, time-consuming, and inefficient. If the organization doesn't have on-hand experts intimately familiar with the nuances of each product, the results can be counterproductive, resulting in failure to launch, damage to product and or property, and injury to personnel. 

Enter Unmanned Vehicle Technologies ProLine Pre-Flight service.

Designed to guarantee a seamless transition from purchase to deployment, our trained experts use white glove service, ensuring not only delivery of a drone but a mission-ready tool, fully updated, set up, and ready for immediate deployment.

Free to government and enterprise customers alike, UVT's ProLine Pre-Flight is more than a service; it's our commitment to your mission from day zero, sparing your team the tedious process of initial setups, hardware updates, and configurations so they can remain focused on what matters most.

Conducting thousands of these pre-flight checks, our experts have used their exhaustive knowledge of each solution to craft a detailed process for each order carefully, ensuring deployable and mission-ready components upon delivery.

ProLine Pre-Flight Process: What It Is

1. Equipment Intake:

Beginning the process, your purchased equipment is first shipped to Unmanned Vehicle Technology headquarters and inspected for transport damage. Our technicians then capture and catalog any damage, filing for returns on the compromised freight.

Vetted by our stringent standards of excellence, this step helps guarantee components are replaced quickly, and you receive your investment whole and free of damage.

2. Factory-Trained Inspection:

After intake, UVT's factory-trained technicians unbox and carefully examine each component, testing functionality for Dead on Arrival (DOA) elements.

Should our technicians identify any deficiencies during testing, a detailed and transparent log is created, documenting any issues that may impact the performance of your equipment. In cases where a return is warranted, UVT’s technicians take the appropriate steps to file a warranty claim, expediting replacements and repairs on your behalf.

3. Platform-Specific Checks:

Our technicians’ extensive experience and intimate knowledge of our products come from having performed countless checks on each solution we support. Leveraging this familiarity, the team is able to efficiently identify and diagnose common defects or bugs, remedying, repairing, and or replacing the components.

4. Integrated Systems Testing

Beyond individual component checks, UVT's ProLine Pre-Flight emphasizes the functionality and compatibility of any included and/or integrated systems. From remote controllers (RCs) and payloads to sensors, batteries, and lights, our technicians charge, test, and troubleshoot each component as needed. Our aim is to guarantee seamless operation during real-world scenarios when the drone is deployed for the first time.

5. Firmware Updates

Hardware rarely comes from the manufacturer updated and ready for deployment. Downloading and installing the most up-to-date firmware is imperative to ensuring a stable and reliable operating system, a user-friendly interface, and optimal functionality.
The significance of firmware updates lies not only in rectifying existing issues but also in unlocking new features and capabilities embedded in the hardware. Likewise, payloads and third-party devices designed to integrate with the product are released much later, requiring current code to synchronize the new elements.

6. Warranty Activation

Protecting your investment is paramount to maintaining an operational fleet. As such, any warranty associated with your purchase is activated on your behalf. This proactive measure ensures that our customers are covered from the moment they take delivery and are able to deploy their system with confidence.

Should the need for a warranty claim arise, an activated warranty helps streamline support for an efficient resolution, minimizing disruptions to your operations.

ProLine Pre-Flight Service: Why It Matters

Time Savings:

For most, time is not only important but can mean the difference in an operation's success or failure. Whether responding to a public safety call, conducting a surveillance mission, or capturing crucial data, the timely deployment of resources can be the critical factor in determining the outcome of a mission.
Acknowledging this reality, UVT’s ProLine Pre-Flight streamlines the onboarding process for new equipment, translating into significant time savings for you and your drone operators, ensuring your investment is operational upon arrival, and you can focus on the task at hand.

Cost Savings:

Budgets are tight, and organizations purchasing assets need to have predictable spending estimations, allocating as needed. No one likes surprise expenditures, especially when foresight, planning, and reliability measures can help circumvent potential budget bleeding problems.

By identifying and correcting issues early on, UVT’s ProLine Pre-Flight becomes a preventative measure, ensuring small problems don’t escalate into costly repairs and replacements down the road.

ProLine Pre-Flight Service: Why We Do It

Focused on longstanding relationships, our team prioritizes people over products. Our company was born out of a passion to equip organizations with the most advanced drone and robotics technology available, and a purchase from UVT unlocks a lifetime partnership of benefits.

We are not a superstore only interested in moving boxes; we are, first and foremost, your end-to-end drone and robotics partners, committed to moving your mission forward.

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